About the Artist

Irene Chua is an artist whose work has garnered the attention of art lovers and collectors from around the world. The inspiration for her body of work comes from a complex process of experiencing the world, processing her observations through daily quiet meditation and yoga and applying her vision on canvas one brush stroke at a time. Her best works have come from trusting her intuition, applying a seemingly random brush-stroke to the canvas, and letting the result of that initial act lead her down the path of succeeding lines, shapes and colours. It’s a process requiring a deep love for the act of painting, quietness, endurance and skill.

Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Irene’s formal college education in Electronics and Communications Engineering provided her the opportunity to work for international companies and travel the world. From a technical and project management standpoint, she has helped broadcast sporting events to fans all around the world. Her current work is in the telecommunications field.

During her travels, she has had the fortunate opportunity to experience not only the physical beauty of each country she has visited, but also the differing cultural practices. She now happily resides and paints in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is Irene’s worldly experiences, her love of painting and daily practice of meditation and yoga that has led her to her style of painting. With a canvas before her and a paint brush in hand, she trusts the initial brush stroke and the shapes and colours that follow. The result is a painting made with an “internal vision” springing to life, years of worldly experience and a love for the process of creating art. Irene hopes you enjoy the skill and beauty she is able to share with you through her body of work.