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Chasing the Galaxy

Chasing the Galaxy

93 x 74 x 2 cm (36.61 x 29.13 x 0.79 in)

Acrylic On Canvas

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"Chasing the Galaxy" is an enchanting abstract painting that invites viewers on a whimsical journey through a universe of vibrant, happy colors. Dominated by shades of blue, orange, and pink, this artwork exudes a sense of joy and wonder.

The canvas comes alive with a celestial dance of hues, as if the colors themselves are in constant motion. Brilliant blues evoke the depths of the night sky, capturing the mystique and vastness of the cosmos. Vibrant oranges radiate warmth and energy, akin to the glow of a distant star. Soft pinks add a touch of delicacy and playfulness, mirroring the gentle hues of a celestial sunrise.

Swirls and splashes of bright colors dance across the canvas, forming mesmerizing patterns that seem to transcend the boundaries of our known world. These abstract forms, like cosmic brushstrokes, add a sense of movement and dynamism to the composition, as if chasing the secrets of the galaxy.

"Chasing the Galaxy" captures the spirit of curiosity and the yearning for exploration. It invites viewers to imagine themselves venturing beyond the confines of our earthly existence, reaching for the stars with unbridled optimism and childlike wonder.

This artwork serves as a visual reminder of the vastness and beauty that lies beyond our everyday reality. It inspires us to dream, to embrace the unknown, and to chase the mysteries of the universe with a palette of bright, happy colors as our guide.

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I create art on instinct and energy, each brush stroke a burst of intuition, with previous strokes guiding the next. The final piece is a creation of a harmonious chaos of color and form. My process is dynamic, a dance between my hand and canvas, each stroke charged with mental and physical energy, reflections of my inner universe shaped by life, by global experiences. Each painting emerges organically, a vivid translation of thought and live experiences into abstract expression. Come join me in my journey in art, with each piece I create like a passport stamped with intuition and emotional energy. My intuition, my energy. - Irene Chua